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What are the minimum requirements to rent a car?

Be over 21 years old.

Present the original copy of a valid, permanent driver’s license.

Have at least 2 years as a licensed driver.

Have a valid credit card issued on the lessee’s name so the pre-authorization can take place.

How may I make a reservation?

We provide two service channels for individuals; either at our website or through or 24-hour Reservation Center reached at phone number 0800 744 00 44.

How is the rented car’s daily fee accounted for?

The daily fee is counted for a 24-hour period, with a one-hour tolerance for the return of the car.

In case the time is exceeded, the tolerance is lost and an extra hour fee will be charged up until the 5th hour of anticipated return, with the cost of 1/5 of a daily fee per hour. Exceeding this, a new, full daily fee will be automatically counted. Protections after the first hour of tolerance are also charged when exceeded.

Can I keep the rented car for additional days after the reserved time?

Yes, you just need to contact the agency where the withdrawal took place and inform the new return date. Only the proportional rental days cost will be charged.

What should I do to cancel the reservation?

In case any unforeseen issues happen during the day of withdrawal, just contact our Reservation Center by calling 0800 744 0044 or through the website to submit the cancellation.

How should I proceed regarding the cleaning and fueling of the car?

We deliver a clean and fueled car to you. We ask it to be returned in the same condition. If this is not possible and the vehicle returns with less fuel, the customer must accept this charge so refueling will be done according to the Maggi table. Regarding cleaning, if the car needs washing or sanitizing, a new fee will be charged, also according to the Maggi table.

In case of an emergency, how can I proceed?

We offer a completely free 24-hour Customer Assistance. You just need to call 0800 772 7260 and we will provide all needed support for your emergency.

May I include an additional driver for the car rented at Maggi?

The lessee may name additional drivers when renting the car. This naming will implicate a present daily fee for the additional driver. Every additional driver must meet the basic driving requirements – be over 21 years old, have a valid and original driver’s license and have more than two years as a licensed driver.

How does the service rate works?

The service rate is charged in addition to the agreed contractual value. The Lessee will be responsible for its payment, which consists of 10% if the withdrawal takes place at one of the airport agencies or 5% at any other Maggi agencies. 

What is the Protection about?

Protection is an optional service, hired by the lessee after paying a daily fee at the agencies. It provides risk coverage to the rented car, its passengers and third parties. We offer two types of Protections: Protection for the Rented Car and Protection for Third Parties.

Consult the rental agent for further information.

How to proceed in case of casualty?

In case of any casualty, you must communicate our Customer Service Center immediately at 0800 744 0044 and provide the police report or forensic report (in case of victims) records within 48 hours, and also submit the Casualty Report that we provide at any of our agencies.

How can I join the Maggi Loyalty Program?

Our customers are very important to us. With the intention of benefitting and building customer loyalty, we created “Programa de Fidelidade Maggi Rent a Car” (Maggi Rent a Car Loyalty Program). With this program, you can win free daily rentals. You just need to register in order to start earning points. Registration is worth 2 points and for every R$ 250.00 spent in rentals you win an additional point to target the maximum score of 10 points. For every 10 points, you get a free daily rental. After the bonus is used, the points do not carry over. Consult one of our customer service agents for further information.

Can I drive the car outside of Brazil?

We exclusively rent our cars for national use. In case of trips that may cross the country’s border, consult our customer service agents. 

I need to rent a GPS device / baby seat / child booster seat, how do I do it?

We provide several additional items for rental, such as baby seats, booster seats, baby comfort seats and GPS navigators. All of them have a daily fee added to the rental contract.

How are traffic tickets charged?

The traffic ticket is charged to the credit card presented at the car’s withdrawal during pre-authorization, with an additional administrative fee.


How do I schedule the maintenance of the rental car?

You can contact our customer service on weekdays by calling (11) 4023 1515, or send an email to and ask your maintenance schedule.

How do I apply for car reservation?

Car reservation is a facility made available through a negotiation between your company and Maggi. You can have access to the spare car immediately or with prior notice, depending on the format employed by your company. For details, see the manager of your company or contact our sales department by phone (11) 4023 1515, and / or e-mail

If there is a collision with the car, what do I do?

In the case of collision, contact the support for claims on weekdays, over the phone (11) 4023 1515 and / or email You can also contact our Customer Care Center 24 hours on 0800 772 7260.

If the car stops or break, what do I do?

In cases of emergencies, breakdowns that preclude the car working, contact our customer service center 24 hours on 0800 772 7260, and / or through direct contact with our Manager of its fleet.

The Maggi has suppliers anywhere in the Brazil?

Yes. We support our customers throughout the country. More than 500 partners strategically located, taking care of your car with the utmost quality. Including cars reserves, keychains services, windows, electrical, mechanical, bodywork, tires, among others. Call our support by phone (11) 4023 1515 on weekdays and within the business hours so that we can direct you to the closest partner, and / or call Customer Assistance 24 hours, on 0800 772 7260.